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1. *What's Offered:*

   - Vantage International, an award-winning broker, provides a 50% deposit bonus up to $500 when you register through a specific link.

2. *How to Claim:*

   - After registering, complete your ID verification.

   - Visit your online portal and navigate to the left-hand side to claim the offer.

   - It's crucial to claim the bonus before depositing any money.

3. *Bonus Example:*

   - For instance, if you deposit $500, you'll receive an extra $250 for trading. Your total balance will be $750.

   - Depositing $1000 will grant you an extra $500, resulting in a $1500 trading account.

4. *Registration Links:*

   - Click Here to Open Vantage Live Account 

   - Click here to Open Vantage Demo Account

5. *Bonus Activation:*

   - Activate your 50% bonus (up to $500) and 10% credit bonus (up to $19,500) by opting in via your client portal.